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BIM REVIT 3D Modeling tool

The advantages of BIM are numerous: visualise your projects more easily, reduce costs, shorten deadlines, gain in productivity and quality, all thanks to a digital model, which allows you to see the progress of your site and to have access to all the information you need: characteristics of materials, techniques that you can use, CCTP. Today, BIM is a real asset for construction companies.

Geostaff x Bimify

Discover BIM REVIT

GEOSTAFF has developed, with the help of BIMIFY, a software that allows you to insert our solutions into your studies/plans in a simple way. Architects, design offices, large installers, this new tool will simplify your work!


Download our BIM objects

You can now download our BIM objects in REVIT and IFC (the OpenBIM format)

The benefits of BIM REVIT

With BIM REVIT, you will be able to:

  • View in 2D, 3D or export in IFC your projects with GEOSTAFF firewall products,
  • Draw ducts, with great ease and a significant saving of time! In addition, the duct details are automatically modified according to their dimensions!
  • Incorporate the GEOSTAFF Revit library into your Revit,
  • See all the ducts and zoom in to analyse every detail,
  • Check for potential collisions,
  • Have calculations with a total length/m² and export it to Excel,
  • Create and print plans easily and share them.

What is BIM ?

BIM: building information modeling

BIM is a large 3D digital building database that allows the management of information, information that is mainly conveyed via a digital model and/or a database.

How BIM works

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

BIM is the overall process of creating and managing information for a construction project. It is not only a 3D model that allows a complete visualisation of a building plan, but also, and more importantly, the sharing of information related to that building resource throughout its life cycle: from planning to design and from construction to operation.

BIM integrates the CCTP and all the characteristics of the equipment and materials of the project.
When I click on a wall in the model, I can see all its properties: the materials it is made of, the colour of the paint etc., and all the elements linked to it. I can add technical data, which is necessary for establishing methods, managing costs, environmental performance, or maintenance.

BIM connects teams, workflows, and data throughout the project lifecycle to improve working methods and results.


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Labels & Certifications

Geostaff puts people at the heart of its approach and has its fireproof boards labelled for healthy and sustainable solutions.

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