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Fire solutions

As specialists in passive fire protection, we work every day to provide you with adapted and innovative solutions to protect people and buildings in the event of fire. Our products enable the installation of fire-resistant elements (such as ventilation and smoke extraction ducts), which are essential in the design and construction of public buildings: E.R.P. (public buildings), industrial buildings and high-rise buildings.



Fire rated

Steel columns
fire protection

Fire rated
access panels

Fire protection for carbon
fiber reinforcements

The smoke extraction and ventilation ducts are made by juxtaposition of fire-resistant boards and allow the space to be smoked out to be swept by an air flow. This means a smoke extraction on one side and a fresh air supply on the other.

Fire protection of service ducts and shafts are tested in accordance with EN-1366-5 of the Passive Fire Protection Regulations and are used to protect gas and medical fluid lines, pipelines and electrical cable trays up to a fire exposure time of EI 120 (fire-protection 2 hours) when the service ducts are constructed using GEOFLAM® C-Light channels.

Protect your metal columns with GEOFLAM® DC half-shells. GEOSTAFF half-shells offer you a validated solution to protect metal structures and guarantee their fire stability in the event of a fire.

GEOSTAFF fire protection inspection hatches are installed in service shafts, solid walls or as passage openings in partition walls to facilitate access. GEOSTAFF fire inspection hatches are easy to install and comply with the relevant standards. GEOSTAFF fire inspection hatches have a fire resistance rating of EI 60 and EI 120 (fire-protection 1h and 2h).

GEOSTAFF also offers the protection of bonded carbon reinforcements with GEOTEC®S fire resistant boards 1h to 2h. GEOTEC®S 30 and 45 boards provide protection for carbon reinforcements installed under concrete slabs and beams according to the required fire performance.

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