Fire resistant glues

Geostaff glues are especially formulated glues for the assembly of our GEOTEC® and GEOFLAM® systems.

GEOCOL® glue is a powder-coated glue especially formulated for the assembly of GEOFLAM® and GEOTEC® boards. It is also suitable for bonding various building materials such as gypsum plasterboard, gypsum tiles, aerated concrete blocks, etc.

GEOCOL® S ready-to-use glue is a non-combustible, 15 kg bucket glue based on sodium silicate and especially formulated for the installation of GEOTEC® S30 and GEOTEC® S45 boards.


Geocol adhesive Geostaff

GEOCOL® fireproof glue

Powder-coated glue, available in 25 kg bags, especially formulated for the assembly of GEOTEC® and GEOFLAM® boards.

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