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Fire resistant glue, plaster and sisal fiber

GEOCOL® glue is a powder-coated glue especially formulated for the assembly of GEOFLAM® and GEOTEC® boards. It is also suitable for bonding various building materials such as gypsum plasterboard, gypsum tiles, aerated concrete blocks, etc.

GEOPLÂTRE® N is a gypsum plaster specially designed for use with sisal fibre in fire-resistant structures.


Geocol adhesive Geostaff

GEOCOL® fireproof glue

Powder-coated glue, available in 25 kg bags, especially formulated for the assembly of GEOTEC® and GEOFLAM® boards.

Technical notice
Geostaff fire-resistant plaster for passive fire protection

GEOPLÂTRE® N plaster

Specific plaster for finishing work on fire-resistant Geostaff structures, in combination with our prefabricated elements.

Technical notice
Filasse Sisal Geostaff

Sisal fiber

Vegetable fibre used in the mixture of the "polochonnage" to fill in the joints between the boards.

Technical notice

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