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As a European manufacturer of 100% natural products, GEOSTAFF offers, through the GEOTEC® and GEOFLAM® ranges, different models and dimensions of 1h to 3h fire resistant boards as well as a wide choice of fire-resistant elements and accessories necessary for the assembly of all your GEOSTAFF systems.

Fire protective



Fire resistant

Fire resistant
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Fire resistant glues
Plasters and Sisal fiber


In developing its products, GEOSTAFF attaches importance not only to fire safety, but also to comfort. This dual orientation guarantees the supply of products that are perfectly suited to your project. For this purpose, there is a wide range of staff products for passive fire protection.

Our products are intended for all types of buildings (private, public, industrial...) for classifications up to EI 180 for our fire protection systems.

The GEOTEC® and GEOFLAM® fire-protective boards allow you to make ventilation and smoke extraction ducts (horizontal and vertical) EI 60 to EI 180; to make fire-protection of service ducts and shafts; to protect glued carbon reinforcements and to protect cable trays.

In order to meet all the requirements in terms of passive fire protection, we also offer various pre-moulded fire-resistant elements for the protection of service ducts such as gas pipes and various pipelines or for the protection of metal posts and fire-resistant inspection hatches.

Our fire-stop accessories are made of the same materials as our fire-protective boards and are used in the implementation of our products (internal reinforcement of ducts, protection of hangers, treatment of expansion, treatment of floor penetrations, caulking etc.).

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