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General Terms and Conditions of sale

  • The Intellectual Property clause will uniform users that the content, logo, and other visual media you have created are your property and are protected by copyright laws.
  • A Termination clause specifies that user accounts on your website and mobile application, or user access to your website and mobile application (if users are unable to register), may be terminated for abuse or at your sole discretion.
  • A Governing Law clause informs users of the laws that govern the contact. It should indicate the country where yout company is headquartered or the country form which you oeprate yout website and mobile application.
  • A Links to Other Websites clause informs users that you are not responsible for the third-arty websites to which you link. This type of clause is generally intended to informs users that they are required to read and agree (or not) to the Terms and Conditions of privacy policies of those third parties.
  • If your website of mobile applications allow users to create content and make it available to other users, a Content section informs users that they own the rights to the content they create. The “Content” clause generally states that users must grant the website or mobile application developer the right to share this content on their website/application in order to make it available to other users. Since user-created content is visible to third parties, a DMCA (or Copyright Infringement) notification clause can be useful to inform users and copyright holders that any content found to be in violation of copyright will be subject to a takedown notice under the DMCA, requiring you to remove such content.
  • A Limitation clause tells users that by agreeing to use your service, they are also agreeing not to perform certain actions. This can be a very long and extensive list in your Terms and Conditions to cover as many prohibited uses as possible.
  • Compliance with Article R.543-290-3 of the Environmental Code: the unit cost share that Geostaff supports for the management of PMCB waste, as billed by the eco-organization to which Geostaff adheres, is fully passed on to the professional buyer of the product without any possibility of abatement. This is in accordance with Article R.543-290-3 of the Environmental Code and is detailed under the unique identification number (UID): F344519-04DLMY.”

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