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eco-bau label

GEOTEC® fire protection plates: environmentally friendly materials


GEOTEC®S / SX fire protection plates have now been awarded by the Swiss Eco-bau label in the Eco-1 category.

The boards have been defined as meeting the highest Eco-bau and MINERGIE-ECO requirements in the areas of ecology and health.

MINERGIE ECO is a label for new and refurbished low-energy-consumption buildings that addresses ecological and social requirements. It can be combined with MINERGIE, MINERGIE-P, and MINERGIE-A, which are standards that focus more on energy consumption.

Health requirements:

  • High percentage use of daylight instead of electricity

Sound insulation

  • Indoor air quality (minimization of pollutant emissions from building materials, limitation of ionizing (radon gas) and non-ionizing radiations)

Ecological requirements:

  • Readily available raw materials
  • High proportion of recycled building materials
  • Building materials with low environmental impact (rely on other ecolabels)
  • Environmentally friendly disposable building materials
  • Long lifetime, flexibility, dismantling ability

For more information, visit www.eco-bau.ch.

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