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Protection for carbon fibre bonded beams: a GEOSTAFF fire resistant solution


In the construction industry, the use of carbon flat bars to reinforce concrete structures has become standard practice. These narrow strips, composed of carbon fibers, offer a robust alternative to tensioned steel, helping to improve the stability and durability of buildings. However, it is essential to take fire safety into account when using these reinforcements, and this is where our GEOTEC® range comes in with an innovative solution.

What is a carbon fibre bonded beams?

Carbon fibre bonded beams, typically 5 to 15 cm wide and 1.2 mm thick, are designed to be bonded directly to prepared concrete substrates. They are used in a variety of applications, including reinforcement of slabs and beams subjected to high loads, confinement of concrete columns to resist seismic forces, and punching reinforcement of slabs. Their light weight, exceptional strength and flexibility make them a popular choice among engineers and builders.

Unfortunately, while carbon plates offer many advantages, they present a major challenge in terms of fire safety. The epoxy resin used is not resistant to the high temperatures encountered during a fire. As a result, in the event of fire, the resin can degrade, weakening the carbon fiber reinforcements and jeopardizing the stability of the structure.

The protection solution

At GEOSTAFF® , we are well aware of the importance of guaranteeing the fire safety of structures reinforced with carbon fibre bonded beams. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative solution to meet this critical challenge.

GEOTEC® fire resistants plates have been designed to protect carbon plates and maintain their integrity even in the event of fire. Thanks to rigorous fire resistance tests carried out at the Efectis laboratory, we are proud to offer a solution that ensures the stability of carbon fiber reinforcements in extreme heat conditions.

Our GEOTEC® plates can be used in a variety of configurations, including :

  • Under a concrete beam: Protect your carbon plates while maintaining structural strength.
  • Under a concrete slab: Reinforce the fire safety of your slabs while preserving their durability.
  • In the corner of a concrete wall: Guarantee the stability of corner reinforcements, even in fire situations.

    Please see our brochure below.

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