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GEOFLAM® C-Light channels are used for the realization of smoke extraction and ventilation ducts.


Classification Extension 22/11 on Minutes 13-A-894 and 13-A-895

Thanks to the tests carried out in the Efectis laboratory, GEOSTAFF offers the encasement of technical ducts: gas pipes, various ducts and cable trays using GEOFLAM® C-Light prefabricated elements, but that is not all.

From now on, GEOFLAM® C-Light channels can also be used for smoke extraction and ventilation ducts.

In this case, the technical duct must be between 50×50 mm and 350×200 mm to respect the dimensions of the channels.

Interior dimensions of the channels available:

  • 50×50 mm
  • 100×50 mm
  • 100×100 mm
  • 150×100 mm
  • 150×150 mm
  • 200×100 mm
  • 200×200 mm
  • 300×100 mm
  • 350×200 mm

Characteristics of the GEOFLAM® C-LIGHT channel

As a reminder, the GEOFLAM® C-LIGHT channel is a pre-moulded product on which a cover is glued. The prefabricated nature of this solution allows a quick and flexible installation. Composed mainly of plaster and fiberglass, these 35 mm thick elements are pre-molded with longitudinal and end rabbets allowing them to fit together.

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