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BIMIFY and GEOSTAFF revolutionize the construction industry with their BIM REVIT software


In September 2021, GEOSTAFF, in collaboration with BIMIFY, had launched an innovative software called BIM REVIT. This software allows the easy integration of GEOSTAFF solutions into the studies and plans of professionals in the construction sector. Through this article, we would like to review the features of this software and explain how it simplifies the work of architects, design offices and large installers.

Integration of the Revit library of GESOTAFF

BIM REVIT allows you to integrate GEOSTAFF’s Revit library directly into your Revit softxare, providing quick and easy acces to all of the company’s firewall solutions. This integration greatly facilitates the work of professionals and saves them valuable time.

2D and 3D visualization and IFC exports

REVIT BIM software offers the ability to visualize projects in 2D, 3D or export to IFC with GEOSTAFF firewall products. This feature allows users to better understand and analyze plans before implementing them.

Simplified duct designs

BIM REVIT makes ductwork design much easier, saving considerable time. Duct details automatically change bases on duct dimensions, further simplifying the design process.

Detailed Duct Analysis

The software allows you to view all the ducts and zoom in to analyze the smallest details. This feature guarantees a better understanding of the project and avoids possible errors.

Creation and sharing of plans

Finally, BIM REVIT allows you to create and print plans easily and to share them with the different parties involved in the project. This feature improves communication between professionals and contributes to the smooth running of projects.

The BIM REVIT software developed by GEOSTAFF and BIMIFY has revolutionized the construction industry by simplifying and optimizing the work of professionals. Its many features, such as the integration of the GEOSTAFF Revit library, 2D and 3D visualization, simplified duct design, collision control and many others, make it an indispensable tool for architects, design offices and large installers.

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