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Protection of carbon fibre reinforced structure


Geostaff fire protective solutions guarantee that the carbon reinforcements will hold and function properly in the event of a fire.

When existing load-bearing structures require reinforcement (in the case of a change of condition, earthquake containment, rehabilitation, etc.) one solution is to glue the carbon fibre-reinforced lamellae with an epoxy resin-based adhesive.

In order to guarantee the strength and proper functioning of these carbon reinforcements in the event of fire, the solution consists of guaranteeing the temperature of the glue used.

This maximum temperature, which varies between 45 and 80°C, can be found in the manufacturers’ technical notices to which reference should be made.

Following fire resistance tests carried out in the EFECTIS laboratory, Geostaff offers, through Laboratory Assessment n°EFR-18-001644, validated solutions in GEOTEC® to protect carbon reinforcements installed under concrete slabs and beams according to the required fire performance and critical temperatures given by the manufacturer.

To learn more about the protection of carbon bonded reinforcements, download our technical documentation and consult the chapter entitled Protection of carbon bonded reinforcements.

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