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2-hour fire protective boards for the assembly of your smoke extraction and ventilation ducts


During a fire, the smoke that spreads inside a building is the main cause of fire victims. The toxicity and temperature of the smoke, linked to the speed at which it travels, prevent occupants from evacuating safely.

GEOTEC®S30 and GEOTEC®S45 boards allow you to integrate smoke extraction and ventilation ducts directly into your premises in order to sweep the space to be smoked out with a flow of air.

These boards, mainly made of plaster and fibreglass, are natural products and CE certified. GEOTEC®S boards meet the fire resistance classification standards EN 13501-2, EN 13501-3 and EN 13501-4 and comply with current European legislation concerning the conformity of fire-resistant products for passive fire protection.

What is the use of a GEOTEC® fire protective board?

  • Fire protection : the boards are 30 or 45 mm thick for a fire protection degree EI 60 (1 hour) or EI 120 (2 hours).
  • Installation of horizontal and vertical smoke extraction and ventilation ducts for internal dimensions up to 2500 x 2000 mm.
  • Installation of technical ductwork enclosures for the protection of gas pipes, various ducts or electrical cable trays.
  • Protection of glued carbon reinforcements.

What are the advantages of the GEOTEC® board?

  • CE certified product.
  • European Technical Approval ATE 18/0343.
  • Time and material savings: the boards are pre-moulded to standard dimensions.
  • Ease and speed of installation: the boards are designed with transverse and/or longitudinal rabbets allowing the boards to be fitted together for durable and solid ducts.
  • Lightweight board: 24 kg/m2 for a thickness of 30 mm; 36 kg m2 for a thickness of 45 mm.

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