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GEOSTAFF’s ecological approach


Ecological awareness among building stakeholders

The question of ecology and sustainable development is of particular concern to the population today. The construction sector must therefore take these new challenges into account and adopt new practices in order to offer constructions that minimize their impact on the environment. The integration of renewable energies, natural and local resources is more and more frequent.

As a result, the practices of construction companies have evolved considerably. The environmental issue is becoming a central concern on a large number of construction sites or projects.

GEOSTAFF, is committed to more responsible products

GEOSTAFF has been developing passive fire protection and staff systems for more than 30 years with the aim of producing French and “green” products.

A pioneer in fire protection products, the GEOSTAFF team continues to innovate in order to always push the safety rules further. Tested in approved laboratories, GEOSTAFF systems meet the most draconian tests as well as new European standards.

GEOSTAFF manufactures its products in France with French materials and a raw material from French quarries. All the products offered are marketed throughout Europe and much of the rest of the world.

With its know-how and the confidence of its exclusively natural components, the company pushes even further by having its products labeled: 2 in France and one in the Swiss sector.


Ecobau sets standards for healthy and sustainable construction in Switzerland.

GEOSTAFF boards have been defined as meeting the highest Ecobau and MINERGIE-ECO * requirements in the fields of ecology and health.

* The MINERGIE ECO label is a label dedicated to ecological and healthy construction in the building sector. It is a name for new and renovated buildings with low energy consumption that meet ecological and social requirements.

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>> Excell Zone Verte

It is a laboratory that analyzes construction and decoration materials in sensitive environments. All this, with the aim of offering products ensuring irreproachable indoor air quality, particularly useful in the food industry or in the hospital environment.

This certificate therefore guarantees to the user a control of the risk upstream as well as the use of high-quality products.

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>> A + labeling

The objective of this test is to characterize and quantify the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and aldehydes, in order to classify the product between A + (very low emission) and C (high emission).

As a result of these tests, the GEOTEC®S fire protection sheets have shown to have concentrations below the limit values ​​of the ten VOCs targeted by the labeling (such as formaldehyde below 10).

Various sites using GEOSTAFF products are also in line with this ideology of respect for the environment.

Here is an example :

In Diegem (Belgium), fire-rated enclosure work with GEOTEC®S boards was carried out on a site. The building under construction is BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certified, which is the international standard for assessing the environmental impact of a building for greener architecture.

It does not only take into account the technical aspects of the building since it also takes into account human aspects as well as biodiversity and eco-mobility.

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